Thursday, October 11, 2007

Feelings and Updates

Well It's now May 24th, couple days pasted since my last blog update.
Yesterday I was really emotional I dunno why but It made me really scared of what is gonna happen in my future but I had a really good friend of mine sit with me and chat with me all day and tell me I am gonna be okay and you know I believe him because he has taken amazing care of me for quite awhile and been there for me. Even in the months we didn't talk he was still there for me :)
I know where my place is now and I want to be there so bad! Yes AZ! I wanna go visit right now! lol.
Well this is gonna be a short post, I wanna get soem stuff done before I have to go to work so Ill probably post more later :)



Oh and this weekend sometime hoping to go to the mother in laws for a BBQ or something, see how that goes :) She called this morning and invited us over on a day I am not workin and stuff.

Ill explain feelings later =P